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How it Works

UCR Campus Member (instructions for use on campus or at another eduroam-enabled campus)

  1. UCR campus members using...
    1. Windows operating system must configure their device for use on the eduroam network. To configure Windows, please use these instructions.
    2. Mac (including iPhones/iPads) OS require no additional configuration. A certificate from radius must be accepted.
    3. Android based devices may need to make an authentication protocol change from PEAP to TTLS in network settings.
  2. UCR campus member logs in to the eduroam network using their UCR identifier, "" and password as credentials.
  3. UCR campus member now has access to the eduroam network.

Visitors from another eduroam-enabled campus

  1. Your home campus must be part of the eduroam network and the device must be configured for eduroam use.
  2. Select the "eduroam" network connection.
  3. Use your campus identifier, usually email address and password as credentials.
  4. Access to UCR's eduroam network is granted.


Any network which offers the "eduroam" SSID is an eduroam provider. Users will be subject to each provider's local network policy. We expect UCR community members to be good network citizens both at UCR and while visiting other campuses.

Technical Information

  • The network requires the use of WPA; there is no mobilenet style captive portal.
  • WPA supplicant software is required to use a WPA network.
  • User credentials are not visible to institutions they visit, only to the home institution.


More Information 

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