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eFile Search & Reporting Tools Functionality for Faculty

UCR's Online Academic Merit and Promotion system, known as eFile, contains a database capable of storing every facet of a faculty member's professional career. eFile provides an electronically routed, paperless review of merit and other academic personnel actions, and it also supports automated generation of a variety of reports and queries, including curriculum vita, bio-sketches, and other reports supporting various faculty needs (e.g. for extramural funds proposals). Please review the eFile online Search & Reporting Tools instructions for step-by-step instructions on using these reporting and query tools.

Reporting and Query Tools

The eFile system provides four distinct query and reporting tools as follows:

eFile Search

Enables searching eFile by keywords or date ranges and allows specialized searches by eFile category (e.g. Professional Activity, Publications, etc.).

Report Generator

Enables the creation of a single report containing information from multiple eFile sections (facilitating creation of bio-bibs supporting contract/grant proposals). Reports may be output to Microsoft Word documents.

Curriculum Vita Generator

Enables the creation of multiple, distinct CVs with differing formats. The tools include the ability to format font type and size, create unique headings, and order each section as desired. CVs may be output to Microsoft Word documents.

Bio-sketch Generator

Enables the creation of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Bio-sketches. eFile populates the bio-sketch and formats the information per NSF requirements. Bio-sketches can be output as Microsoft Word documents.

Please visit the Search & Reporting Tools instructions section of this website to read more about these reporting and query tools.

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