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eFile Report Tools

Access to Reporting Tools

Gaining Access

Currently, only UCR faculty have access to the eFile reporting and query tools; moreover, UCR faculty may only use these tools to access their own individual eFile information and data. UCR is developing functionality that will allow faculty to grant access to these tools on an as-needed basis (please see the On the Horizon section of this website to learn more). Please review the eFile online Search & Reporting Tools instructions for a step-by-step introduction to using the query and reporting systems.

Faculty may access the reporting tools in one of two ways:

eFile Reports Link. After logging into eFile, faculty are presented a link labeled Reports. By clicking on this link, faculty will have access to eFile reporting and query tools.


Access to eFile
Main eFile Page. After logging into eFile, faculty access the eFile main page by clicking on the link labeled Update an Existing Academic Personnel eFile. The reporting and query tools are located at the bottom on the eFile main page.


Access to eFile2

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