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eForms Background

During the past decade, the University of California, Riverside (UCR) has deployed many online systems that have automated previously paper-intensive, manual business processes. These systems include the online travel planning and expense reporting system (iTravel), the electronic campus extramural fund approval form (eCAF), and the web based campus vehicle request and reservation system.

Despite this wonderful progress, many paper based processes still exist on campus, several of which require both departmental and control point approvals prior to processing and completion of service requests.

eForms - A Campus-wide Approach to Form Automation and Management

The eForms system is designed to automate various paper based processes via a standard, campus-wide approach. eForms is tightly integrated with the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS), and uses a common method for creating, routing, approving, and processing of a wide variety of campus forms and manual systems.

eForms are created by Computing and Communications (C&C) in close partnership with campus service providers (ranging from C&C itself, to Accounting, Academic Planning and Budget, to any department / unit wishing to automate a paper based business process).

Using the eForm system, service requests are electronically routed and processed using the following eForms roles:

eForms Departmental / Organizational Roles
  • eForms Transactor (creates requests for various campus services)
  • eForms Departmental Approver (submits requests or routes to Organizational Approver depending on eForm requirement)
  • Organizational Approver (submits request)
eForms Service Provider Roles
  • eForm Owner (approves service request)
  • eForm Coordinator (coordinates completion of service request)
  • eForm Analyst (completes and processes service request)

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