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How to Use the System

How To Use the System

Step By Step

Step 1: Log in to the eForms Registration system through iViews or by clicking the link at the bottom of the eForms Homepage. If you access the system via the eForms Homepage, you will have to log in with your NetID and password. 

step 1

step 1
Step 2: Transactor selects a form and completes the online request. step 1

step 1
Step 3: eForm notification is sent via e-mail to the Department Approver. The Department Approver may "Approve" or "Return" the request. step 1

step 1
Step 4: If the form is approved, the form will be sent for (optional) secondary approval to the Organizational Unit Approver if required by the form. If no secondary approval is required, a notification is sent via e-mail to the eForm Owner. The Organizational Unit Approver may also "Approve" or "Return" requests. A "Return" from the Organizational Unit Approver will be sent to the Departmental Approver.  
Step 5: The eForm Owner responds to the final concurrence request and may choose to "Approve", "Not Approve", or "Return" the request.  
Step 6: If the form is approved by the eForm Owner, an e-mail is sent to the eForm Coordinator requesting action on behalf of the Transactor. If the form is denied, the request will be terminated and the Transactor notified via e-mail.  
Step 7: The eForm Coordinator will receive the approved request and click the "Dispatch" button to e-mail a notification to the eForm Analyst to fulfill the request. step 7
Step 8: Once the request has been fulfilled, the eForm Analyst will click the "Finish" button to close the request, sending an e-mail message to the eForm Coordinator. step 8
Step 9: The eForm Coordinator will receive a "Finished" notification from the eForm Analyst and end the workflow process by clicking the "Close" button. The Close button will send an e-mail to the Transactor with a notification that the work order request has been fulfilled. step 9

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