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eForm Roles

eForms Roles

UCR's eForms system utilizes two groups of roles to submit, manage, and complete online service requests.

The first suite of roles are departmental / organizational roles. Two of these roles (Transactor and Departmental Approver) are established by departmental System Access Administrators (SAAs) using the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). In addition, the eForms system utilizes an Organizational Approver (typically the CFAO or designate) that is established by UCR's Controller's Office.

The second set of eForms roles are service provider roles. These roles are: eForm Owner, eForm Coordinator, and eForm Analyst.

The following notes provide details concerning these various eForm roles:

eForms Departmental / Organizational Roles  

eForm Transactor

eForm Transactors may create, submit for approval, or withdraw eForms service requests. eForm Transactors are granted authority to use the eForms system by their department System Access Administrator (SAAs - for a complete list of campus SAAs, please click here). Transactors may utilize any / all eForms that have been created within the system. It is envisioned that departments will create several (many) eForms for Transactors to utilize depending on specific needs.

eForm Departmental Approver

eForm Departmental Approvers receive an automated e-mail when a service request has been submitted for approval. Approvers may "return" requests to Transactors for re-work and re-submittal, and Approvers may also approve request which are then routed to the Organizational Approver for final concurrence or to the eForm Owner directly (depending on the requirements of the eForm in question). eForm Departmental Approvers are granted authority to use the eForms system by their departmental System Access Administrator (SAAs).

Organizational Approver

eForm Organizational Approvers provide optional, additional approval for eForms service requests (please note that not all eForms require Organizational Approver review; some eForms will be routed directly from the Departmental Approver to the eForm Owner depending on the nature of the eForm, policy considerations, etc.). The Organizational Approver may also return the eForms request to the Departmental Approver for re-work and re-submittal. Organizational Approvers are established by Computing & Communications (specifically, by an Institutional SAA).  For more information contact

eForms Service Provider Roles

All eForm Service Provider Roles are established on an eForm-by-eForm basis by Computing and Communications (C&C).

eForm Owner

Requests from Departmental Approvers and Organizational Approvers are routed to the eForm Owner for approval and processing. The eForm Owner has three options when he/she receives an eForms service request:

  • Approved.  The eForm Owner may approve the request. Approved requests are routed to the eForms Coordinator for further processing.

  • Not Approved. If the eForm Owner does not approve the request, the process ends and the service request is closed.
  • Return. The eForm Owner may return the eForm request for re-work and re-submittal.

Please note that the Not Approved action will result in e-mail notifications to the Transactor within the system associated with the particular request in question. The Return action will generate an e-mail to the Departmental Approver or Organizational Approver to whom the request has been returned.

eForm Coordinator

Approved eForm service requests are routed to eForm Coordinators. eForm Coordinators review the various submissions and assign eForm Analysts to act on the requests.

When the eForm Analyst completes the service request and marks it as such (Finished), the eForm request is returned to the eForm Coordinator. After a final review, the eForm Coordinator marks the requested form as "Closed" and the Transactor will be automatically notified via e-mail.

eForm Analyst

eForm Analysts fulfill (complete) eForms service requests. When a service request has been completed, the request is marked as such (Finished) and the eForm is returned to the Coordinator.

Below is a sample chart of the eForm approval process.

Workflow Chart

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