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How eForms Works

The eForms system is designed to automate various paper based processes via a standard, campus-wide approach. eForms is tightly integrated with the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS), and uses a common method for creating, routing, approving, and processing of a wide variety of campus forms and manual systems.

eForms are created by Computing and Communications (C&C) in close partnership with campus service providers (ranging from C&C itself, to Accounting, Resource Planning and Budget, to any department / unit wishing to automate a paper based business process).

Granting Access

Access to enter and edit records in UCR's eForms is authorized by the departmental Systems Access Administrator (SAA) using the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS).

To obtain access to eForms contact your SAA.

More information about EACS

Logging In

Once you have been granted access to the site, you may log into the eForms system via, the eForms Homepage at,

Currently Available eForms

Computing & Communications eForms

Computing and Communications currently hosts the following eForms:

Central Authentication Service (CAS) Form

UCR's Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a key component of C&C's Identity Management initiative. CAS is part of a long term strategy that will ultimately migrate the entire UCR community to a single sign-on (SSO), portal environment for all campus web applications.

The Central Authentication Services Form is a request from individuals seeking access to applications which interface with CAS.

Campus name for non-UCR host

Use this form if you want a UCR name for a non-UCR host. For example, use this form if you want "" to resolve to "". Requests must be approved by Computing and Communications via eForms.

Non-UCR name for UCR host

Use this form if you want to assign a non-UCR name to a UCR host. For example, use this form is you want "" to point to "". Requests must be approved by Computing and Communications via eForms.

Affiliate Access Form

The Affiliate Access Form is a request to obtain a UCR NetID for UCR Affiliates.  An affiliate is a person who is engaging in official campus business but does not have an entry in PPS (the campus payroll system) and under most cases is not employable via PPS (ie. a consultant on contract, a visiting international researcher/scholar, a temporary agency employee, or any other identified individual who should have access to authenticated electronic communications for the benefit of the university).

For complete instructions and the eForm request, visit Affiliate Account Requests Using eForms.

Resource Planning and Budget Forms

Resource Planning and Budget hosts the following eForms:

Sales & Service Activity Budget Summary Form

The Sales & Service Activity Budget Summary Form is used to apply for the establishment of a fund for campus business enterprises. This includes the establishment of purpose, budgets, rates, cost allowability, reviewing cycles, and full-costing principles. Sales and Service Activities are non-profit, campus business enterprises, whose functions are to provide quality services and goods at rates that are reasonable and equitable. This form was made available in May 2013.

Goldentree Modification Request Form

The Goldentree Modification Request form allows requests for modification (addition, changes, or deletions) of a node or value on currently existing Departmental Goldentrees.   Completed requests will route to Academic Planning and Budget.

Coming Soon...

The eForms database will be expanding to include forms from across campus in the coming months.  For more information on new forms or how to host your own form on eForms, see what's on the horizon.

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