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July 14, 2009

Dear UCR Faculty, Emeriti, Enterprise Directory Administrators, and Departmental Administrators / Managers,

As many of you already know, UCR's Enterprise Directory manages campus "electronic identities" commonly known as UCR NetIDs.  Access to various campus electronic systems (including the wireless network, e-mail, the travel system, etc.) is enabled via UCR NetIDs and password.

In collaboration with the Academic Personnel Office and the Financial Systems Steering Committee (FSSC), Computing & Communications (C&C) is pleased to announce an enhancement to the Enterprise Directory relating to Emeritus/a faculty.  This enhancement creates an automated link between the campus Payroll Personnel System (PPS) and the Enterprise Directory, and the upgrade will ensure all Emeritus/a faculty have complete access to campus electronic systems as if they were regularly employed (non-retired) faculty.

The upgrade will be placed into production on Wednesday, August 6th.  It is vitally important that all existing Emeritus/a faculty have an Emeritus/a Without Salary (WOS) appointment within the campus Payroll Personnel System by this date.

C&C has created a web site containing information / procedures relating to migrating existing Emeritus/a faculty to the new system (again, this must be completed by August 6th or access to campus systems will be inhibited).  This web site (please visit also contains information on how new Emeritus/a faculty entries should be processed upon retirement.  A brief overview of migrating existing Emeritus/a faculty to the new system is presented below.

Thank you for reading through this message and for your attention to this issue.  UCR Emeritus/a faculty are active and vibrant participants in UCR's scholarly and intellectual communities, and C&C is therefore particularly pleased to announce the deployment of this important Enterprise Directory upgrade.

Larry McGrath

Director, Computing Support Services
Computing and Communications

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