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PO Reconciliation Eligibility Rules

The UCRFS PO Reconciliation process is one method for clearing encumbrance balances from the UCRFS General Ledger. The following business rules will be checked to determine if the eBuy purchase order is eligible for this process:

In addition, these rules will display on the Encumbrance Balance Report if a status of NO is displayed. Please note, only 7 rules will be listed on the report as the 8th rule cannot be determined until a user attempts the UCRFS PO Reconciliation process:

  1. PO cannot be a Blanket or Lease Purchase Order.
  2. Purchase Orders from Account 810110 or 811110 may not be reconciled.
  3. Encumbrance amount must be less than $1000
  4. PO must have an associated Voucher.
  5. Any associated Voucher(s) must ALL be posted.
  6. Encumbrance balance remaining for future freight payments
  7. PO must be older than 90 Days from the last change date.
  8. User performing the reconciliation process is NOT from the same Accountability Structure(e.g., D01135) as the Transactor of the original purchase order For example, a YES/NO column on the Encumbrance Balance Report indicates the current reconcilable status of a particular PO: No, 4,5,7

This PO cannot be reconciled because:

  • No associated voucher for this purchase order
  • Not all vouchers against this purchase order have been posted Purchase order is not older than 90 days

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