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The following encumbrance guides are available to assist with managing outstanding encumbrances.

A brief description of each follows.

  • eBuy Change Order: This process should be used when there is a price variance greater than $1000, to cancel a line item or the entire order.
  • The UCRFS Close PO & Encumbrance Release Process: This process should be used when the DAPO has been completed and a price variance of less than $1000 remains, at least one invoice has been paid against the DAPO and the DAPO is more than 90 calendar days old. Please be aware that the process closes the DAPO.
  • UCRFS Encumbrance Query: This guide describes the use of a UCRFS query to obtain a department's (and all activities reporting to the department) outstanding encumbrances. The query returns outstanding encumbrance amounts by PO by FAU.
  • UCRFS Encumbrance Balance Reports: the Encumbrance Balance Report displays all purchase orders that have an outstanding encumbrance balance. The report provides the PO number, FAU, and encumbrance amount, and a status column indicating if the encumbrance balance qualifies to be released via the UCRFS PO Reconciliation Process.

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