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Encumbrance Balance Report

The Encumbrance Balance Report is a pre-run online report that displays all purchase orders for a given org. value that have an outstanding encumbrance balance. A status column indicates if the purchase order is eligible for use in the UCRFS PO Reconciliation Process. If the status is NO, a listing of business rules will display. Please visit the PO Reconciliation Eligibility Rules page on this site for a complete listing.

Please note, even though a purchase order encumbrance balance cannot be cleared using the UCRFS PO Reconciliation process, other methods (e.g., the eBuy change order process) may be used.

In addition, even though the Encumbrance Balance Report may indicate YES, the UCRFS PO Reconciliation process must be transacted by a user within the same accountability structure in which the purchase order was created.

The report is run nightly. Please check the header section of the report to verify the latest run date.

View the Encumbrance Balance Report

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