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Emergency Notification System



Providing accurate information and notification to the expansive, mobile UCR campus community in a timely fashion is a necessary tool for effective emergency management. After exploring many options to provide students, faculty, and staff with rapid, automated notification in the event of a campus or community emergency, the UCR Police Department , Environmental Health & Safety , and Computing & Communications have developed UCR's emergency notification system.

Encouraging Campus Participation

As UCR considered emergency notification vendors and solutions, two primary objectives shaped the evaluation process. First, the selected tool / approach / methodology would have to facilitate and encourage sign-up / adoption by the campus community. As a result, students will sign up for emergency messaging via GROWL using existing usernames / passwords (GROWL is same system students use to enroll in classes, accept financial aid, pay fees, etc.). Faculty and staff will sign up using their UCR NetIDs and passwords (used to access all campus business systems), and the system will be tightly integrated with both the administrative portal and the Enterprise Directory.

Ensuring Reliability - The System Must Perform in a Crisis

The second objective is robustness - the system must be reliable in a crisis. UCR has contracted with the SAME vendor Virginia Tech is utilizing for emergency messaging. This vendor (Everbridge - please visit will host a complete copy of UCR emergency messaging data in dual, non-campus locations. Thus, if UCR were to suffer a catastrophic disaster and lose all local information technology resources, the campus Police and Environmental Health & Safety staff would STILL be able to message the campus using the vendor's web interface.

UCR Retains Control of all Emergency Notification Information

Please note that UCR will house and maintain the authoritative (original copy) database of emergency messaging information. Consequently, if the selected vendor proves not to be efficacious, UCR will be able to contract with another service provider as needed.

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