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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a UCR Net ID and why do I need one?

A. The UCR NetID is a unique ID available to all UCR Faculty, Staff, and Students. Once assigned, the UCR NetID allows access to UCR's central electronic communication services (webmail and the wireless network). Additionally, the UCR NetID is used to grant access to the Emergency Notification System to view and update contact information and notification preferences.

Q. What is the UCR Enterprise Directory and how does it relate to the Emergency Notification System?

A. The UCR Enterprise Directory is a database of campus faculty and staff, maintained by the campus Enterprise Directory Administrators. The Emergency Notification System authenticates UCR NetIDs against UCR's Enterprise Directory and uses the Enterprise Directory to populate employee information such as email address, phone number, building location, etc. Likewise, student information in the Emergency Notification System comes from the Student Information System.

Q. What if my "General Summary" information is incorrect, e.g. I've moved or there is an error?

A. Students must log into GROWL and select the Addresses option to make the appropriate modifications to their information in the Emergency Notification System. Once the changes have been submitted, the information will be updated in the Emergency Notification System.

Faculty and staff must contact their department's Enterprise Directory Administrator to make changes or corrections to the information in the Emergency Notification System, as this information comes from the Enterprise Directory and it is imperative that it be accurate. A list of Enterprise Directory Administrators is available here.

To update cell phone numbers, alternate email, and emergency contact information, simply log in to the Emergency Notification Registration system (through GROWL for students and through iViews for faculty and staff), make the necessary changes, and click the Save button.

Q. What is SMS messaging?

A.SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service, and is a system for sending short textual messages to devices such as cellular phones. Also known as text messaging, SMS messaging is a fast, robust, and reliable means of communicating information quickly. Among other advantages, SMS messaging puts less load on cellular circuits than voice communication, and allows near-instantaneous dissemination of important information.

Q. Will I be reimbursed for text messaging expenses?

A. Emergency SMS notification is a voluntary program, thus any SMS-related expenses are the responsibility of the individual. At the current time, the Emergency Notification System also supports sending emergency communications to an alternate e-mail address, and in the future more communication tools will be added.

Q. Whom can I contact with questions, comments, or concerns about the Emergency Messaging System?

A. For questions, comments, and concerns about the Emergency Notification System, email

Q. Can my parents / spouse / etc. sign up for the Emergency Notification System?

A. At the present time, only current UCR students, faculty, emeriti, staff, and affiliates may participate in the Emergency Notification System. However, notification service for third parties is on the horizon.

Q. How do I opt-out of the Emergency Notification service?

A. To opt-out of emergency notifications, log back in to the Emergency Notification Registration System (students must log in through GROWL; faculty and staff may log in through iViews or by clicking here ) and choose the option to DECLINE to receive notificaions, then press the Save button to update your preferences.

Q. How long is my emergency notification information kept? What happens to this information when I leave the university?

A. Faculty and staff information will be deleted upon separation from the University, unless an emeritus or affiliate status is established. Student information is deleted one year from the end of the last term of enrollment. If UCR elects to end the relationship with the ENS vendor, all information will be securely deleted from 3N's systems.

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