University of California, Riverside

Emergency Notification System

Privacy & Confidentiality

UCR's Commitment to Privacy and Confidentiality

The University of California, Riverside is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information provided to the campus by faculty, staff, and students. Therefore, all the data provided to UCR as part of the campus Emergency Notification System will be stored in secure electronic systems located within the campus data center.

Partnership with Everbridge to Ensure Availability of Emergency Messaging

To ensure UCR will be able to communicate with the campus during an emergency, UCR will transmit emergency notification information to its partner, Everbride (please visit for additional information). 3N will store this data in two remote (non-campus) sites to ensure the availability of emergency messaging functionality during a crisis.

Everbridge's Commitment to Privacy and Confidentiality

Everbridge is required to provide a secure environment for UCR data, using appropriate technologies to safeguard campus information. In addition, as part of UCR's agreement with the vendor, Everbridge agrees never to sell any UCR information to another vendor / organization. In the event UCR terminates its relationship with the 3N, the vendor is required to purge UCR's information from its database.

Importantly, UCR will maintain the authoritative database (the original copy) of campus emergency messaging information. Consequently, if the selected vendor does not meet its obligations relating to privacy and confidentiality, UCR will be able to contract with another service provider as needed.

Access to UCR's Emergency Notification System

Access to UCR emergency messaging system will be very limited and only granted on an absolute "need to know" basis. Only selected campus emergency personnel (primarily staff from UCR's police department and Environmental Health and Safety) will be able to send emergency messages via the system.

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