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Emergency Notification System

Signup Information- Faculty, Staff & Students

How to Sign Up for Emergency Notifications

Step 1: Log in to the Emergency Notification Registration system through iViews or by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. step1
Step 2: Click the Next button at the bottom of the window. step2
Step 3: In the CAS login screen, enter your UCR NetID and password. step3
Step 4: Choose whether to receive notifications; if yes, enter a cell phone number or alternate email address. If no, it is not necessary to enter additional information. step4
Step 5: Choose whether to participate in testing of the Emergency Notification System. step5
Step 6: If desired, enter Emergency Contact information. step6
Step 7: Click the Save button. step7
Step 8: Verify that there is a date and time for "Last Updated." step7
Step 9: Click the Log Out button on the left side of the window. step8

Log in to the Emergency Notification Registration System

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