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About ePay

About ePay, Overview, and Other Considerations


ePay is UCR’s new Online Payment Request Application. Payment Requests for Petty Cash Reimbursements, Refunds, Business Meeting and Entertainment Events may be processed. ePay incorporates online business rules, and improved policy controls, as such several considerations should be noted before using this new system:

The ePay Online Payment Request replaces the “paper-based” Form 5 Check Request process.

Examples of Check Requests include:

  • Petty Cash
  • Reimbursements (non-travel related)
  • Refunds
  • Honoraria
  • Human Subject Payments
  • Business Meetings, Entertainment and Other Occasions

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ePay Roles

Several Roles are available for the ePay application:

  • Requestor (optional)
  • Transactor
  • Host Approval (dependent upon type of payment request)
  • Departmental Pre-Approver (optional)
  • Departmental Approver
  • Organizational Pre-Approver (optional)
  • Organizational Approver
  • Dean/Vice Chancellor Approvers

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Approval routings and certifications are logged and recorded for reference and audit.

Additionally, routing transfers generate emails that are sent to the appropriate approval step.

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Business Rules

  • Business Rules and internal controls are enforced depending on the expenditure type.
  • Expenditure types are clearly defined and provide guidance on procedures.
  • Exceptional amounts and payments are automatically routed to the control unit.
  • FAU combination edit check is invoked along with fund source restrictions and account number restrictions for certain types of expenditures.
  • Supporting documentation (through the attachment function) is required for certain expenditure types.
  • The ePay request can be easily tracked; users will know the location (queue) and status of the request.
  • Check Request controls are significantly enhanced by ensuring that a minimum of two individuals are involved in the transaction.
  • All ePay transactions trigger a UCRFS PAN.

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ePay Check Request Considerations

Although ePay has a robust business rule edits and dynamic transactional approval routing, good financial controls and management oversight are still needed within your unit over check request processing.

  • Each unit needs to consider their operations, staff resources, and responsibilities before implementing ePay Check Request.
  • Control Unit management, department management, and SAAs need to plan and determine ePay roles prior to implementation.
  • When determining the ePay roles, it is recommended that standard and non-standard check request requirements be identified.
  • Consider opportunities to eliminate paper.

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Accounting processes payment requests that do not require additional information or corrections within 10 business days of receipt in the Accounting Office queue.

Generally, payments (i.e. checks/EFTs) are produced with the next scheduled check-write after Accounting has approved.

Vendor add requests are processed within two business days of receipt of the W9.

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Email Notifications

Email notifications are generated as ePay requests are routed through the various roles. It is critical that these emails are acted upon receipt as non-action will delay payments. No reminder e-mails are sent.

The ePay routing log/history should be referenced for ePay request status inquiry.

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Record Retention

Each department maintains all original records supporting the check requests.

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