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Frequently Asked Questions, ePay FAQs

ePay Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Q. Where can I download the Acrobat Reader?

A. Visit Adobe's website for downloads and instructions.

Q. What is the definition of a UC matriculated student?

A. An individual accepted and enrolled into a degree program (e.g. Undergraduate, Graduate, PhD) at a UC campus.

Q:  Why does ePay need to know if the payee is a UC matriculated student?

A:  Certain types of payments to UC students need to be processed via the Student Information System and/or payroll due to federal requirements.  Accurate responses to this question will help guide the ePay transactor to the proper process.

Q. Is there a "Save As New" feature in ePay?

A. Currently, there is not a “Save As New” feature in ePay.  New requests will need to be created each time.

Q. What are the receipt requirements for meals purchased via a purchase order (i.e., DAPO) that are less than $75?

A. When food and drink is procured via a purchase order, regardless of the cost, either an invoice from the vendor or an itemized receipt is required.  Also, purchase orders involving meals for a business meeting or similar events also require an ePay “PO Back-Up” be processed to obtain additional information and approvals, as required by UC Business & Finance Bulletin BUS-79.

Q. What if I need documentation mailed with the payment?

A. Scan and attach the document to your ePay request. Select the box "Include with check" on the Attachments tab.

Q. What if I have more than one remittance document? The system will only allow me to select one attachment.

A. Scan all remittance documents together to save as one file. Please limit the number of pages on the attachment document to only the essential information required to ensure that the payment is properly applied by the vendor.

Q. Are there any types of documentation that should NOT be attached in ePay?

A. Yes. Any document containing social security numbers, business tax IDs, banking information, credit card numbers, or any other type of sensitive information should be attached. You should block out sensitive information before uploading.

Q. How soon will my payment request be processed by Accounting?

A. The standard processing time is 7-10 business days from the date the transaction enters the Accounting office queue.

Q. How do I know where in the process my transaction is?

A. The "Approval History" tab of the payment request will show the current routing location in "white".

Q. How can I find payment information for my request?

A. The ePay payment ID number = UCRFS voucher number.  View the Accounts Payable Payment Inquiry tutorial for detailed instructions.

Q. Can purchase orders be paid via ePay?

A. No. ePay was designed to replace paper Form 5s and Entertainment Check Requests.

Q. Can all payees receive their payment via direct deposit?

A. Only employees who are set up for payroll direct deposit are eligible for ePay direct deposit.

Q. How does an employee establish direct deposit?

A. They can access "At Your Service Online" from R'Space and use the link to Direct Deposit which can be found under the "Income and Taxes" section.

Q. What if I have a question that has not been addressed?

A. Send your question via email to

Q. How do I provide feedback (e.g. concerns, comments, suggestions, etc.) on ePay?

A. Feedback can be sent to

Q. How do I log into ePay?

A. Access ePay through R'Space, the campus administrative portal. If ePay is not listed after you log into R'Space, contact your SAA and request access to ePay.

Q. What are the campus guideline on meal tips?

A. All expenditures must be reasonable, cost effective, and exhibits the best use of University funds in support of the campus mission.  Tips of 15%-18% are considered reasonable in most circumstances.  Any tip amount in excess of 20% is discouraged and should be unusual.  If a tip does exceed 20%, the ePay approver should acknowledge the tip amount and confirm (via the approval certification) that the cost is "reasonable, cost effective, and exhibits the best use of University funds in support of the campus mission." 


Approvals & Email Notifications

Q. How do I know if my ePay payment request has been approved?

A. From the opening screen in ePay, click on the "Search Engine" under General Options.  At the next screen enter criteria (e.g., Payee name) to view a list of existing requests.  When you have selected the appropriate request, view the “Status” column for queue information.  

Q. Who approves the ePay payment requests?

A. Typically, the department head approves the payment request.  The approval process in ePay is intended to approve the payment or reimbursement, and is not a check of the FAU, which is done by the established transactional reviewers (usually Analysts) within the UCR Financial System.

Q. Will my payment request be assigned a unique number?

A. Yes, ePay automatically assigns a unique request number to each payment request.  Single Payee/ Single Payment requests start with a “P”.  Multiple Payee/ Multiple Payment requests start with a “M”.  Business/ Entertainment requests start with an “E”.


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