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Getting Started

The ePay system provides several Payment Options and incorporates many business rules and policy controls relating to Routing and Approvals.  The list below provides an overview of considerations to take into account before using the system.

Top 10 Things to Consider:

  • The department/unit has identified the necessary check request requirements
  • The department/unit has determined the appropriate ePay roles 
  • The SAA has established ePay roles within EACS
  • Requestors, Transactors, and Approvers have received training
  • Three types of Payment Requests are available:
    • Direct Payments, Single Payee
    • Direct Payments, Multi-Payee
    • Business Meeting, Entertainment Payments
  • Payees must be established within UCRFS. Establishing vendors is similar to iTravel and eBuy and will be required for upload into the Payment Request form.   W-9 forms must be faxed to Accounting (x2-3314).  Vendors may be requested  within the ePay request form or from the ePay Main Menu 
  • The required documentation (e.g., receipt, invoice, agreement, etc.) has been gathered
  • Business Meeting/Entertainment Requests require users to establish a department and/or campus event.  Campus Events may be established within the ePay form or from the ePay Main Menu
  • Business Meeting/Entertainment Requests require the designation of an Event Host.  The Event Host must be a UCR Employee with a UCR NetID.
  • The Payment Description is the Voucher Description on the ledger and the Invoice Number is derived from the Payment Type, Vendor Name and Date.

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