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Purchase Order Backup


University policy, BUS-79, requires that expenses for meals or light refreshments provided in the course of a business meeting must have documentation, approvals, and certifications supporting those expenses are necessary and integral part of the business meeting.

ePay is used to document and approve invoices originating from a Purchase Order for meals, light refreshment, and related services connected to business meetings, entertainment, and other occasions. ePay ensures the documentation requirements by requiring:

  • Type of expense
  • Type of event
  • Number of participants
  • Date and location of the event
  • Business-related nature of the occasion or purpose of the event
  • Scanning original itemized receipts

ePay ensures the approval and certification requirements by requiring:

  • Host approval (when required)
  • Department Head approval
  • Organizational approval (when required)

The list below provides steps and considerations to take when reporting Business meeting or Entertainment processed on a Purchase Order.

  • PO should be marked "OK to Pay" in eBuy
  • Be sure to select the appropriate expenditure type to guarantee appropriate routing
  • Use appropriate accounts; 714140 business meetings/conference or 714160 Entertainment; Social with a Business purpose
  • Click the box "This request is the Supporting documentation for a Purchase Order"
  • Expenses should be recorded in the appropriate tab
  • List all related expenses not tied to the event ID; i.e. recharge
  • Mark "Y" if spouses or any family member is in attendance
  • Attach all documentation; itemized receipt/invoice, guest list, dept. pre-approvals, written justifications for exceptions
  • When the type of event requires the host approval and the Dept. Chair/Head is the Host, it must go the ORG for approval. If the Dean/VC is the Host, please attach the EVC approval

Using ePay for Purchase Order Backup

Listed below are instructions for using ePay for Purchase Order Backup:

Select Create a New Payment Request create

Select Business Meetings, Entertainment and Other Occasions



From the Event Information tab, Add or Search for the

Department or Campus Event


From the Payment Request tab, select "This request is the

Supporting documentation for a Purchase Order"

Click OK to confirm the selection pobackup

Enter the Purchase Order number.

The VIEW option may be used to confirm the correct

Purchase Order has been entered.

Information (Vendor, Amount, Description, FAU) from the

Purchase Order is transferred to the Payment Request.


Distribute/Assign Purchase Order Items

From the FAU row(s) click the SELECT option.

The FAU(s) will automatically transfer to the expenditure tabs.



Categorize the PO line items to the appropriate ePayment expense type

Select the appropriate expense tab (Meals & Incidentals or Other Expense)

Enter the expense details

Complete the required information on the Attendees tab pobackup
From the Attachments tab, upload supporting documentation  /epay/pobackup.html

When all required information has been entered proceed with

Routing and Approvals by selecting Submit to Event Host

The ePayment request will be reviewed by the Accounting Office

prior to processing the Purchase Order Invoice for payment.

A voucher will not be generated from the ePayment Request


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