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Using ePay

General Information

Transactor Options

The following options are available for ePay Transactors:

  • Create a New Payment Request
  • Review Payment Request
  • View/create Campus Events
  • Vendor Search/Request
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ePay Payment Request Types

  • Three types of Payment Requests can be selected:
    • Single Payee/Vendor; Single Payment
    • Multi-Payee/Vendor; Multiple Payments
    • Business/Entertainment Payments
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  • Upon selecting the Submit option ePay presents a Certification statement.  Click OK to complete the certification process.  
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Routing and Approvals

  • ePay detects the proper routing and approvals necessary based upon the Accountability Structure Roles that have been established.  
  • The Approval History tab displays the routing path and status of the Payment Request as well as a log of Approval History.

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Direct Payment Requests

Creating a Direct Payment Request

Following is an example of creating a Direct Payment Request for Petty Cash Reimbursement:

  • Select Direct Payments and ensure the correct Accountability Structure is selected.
  • Click the CREATE option.
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Direct Payment Request Form
  • From the Payment Request tab enter required fields.  Required fields are listed in red text.
  • Click the "Question Mark" button to view the required fields that must be completed.
  • Note! When all required fields have been completed, the Submit link will be available for selection within the Routing and Approvals section.
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Adding a Payee/Vendor

  • From the Vendor Search window enter the name of the payee/vendor and click Search.  Select the appropriate name from the search result listing.  If the Payee/Vendor is not found, select the NEW VENDOR option to submit a request.

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Requesting a New Vendor

  • If the Payee is not found in the Vendor Search result listing, select the NEW VENDOR option.  Complete the required fields from the Add New Vendor page and select REQUEST.  An email notification will be sent with the status of the vendor request. 
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Business Rules

  • Business Rules will be invoked depending on the Payment Type selected.
SOmething Relevant

Saving the Payment Request

Save No Edits

  • The ePay System saves the Payment Request as work-in-progress and will not execute business rule edits.

Save With Edits

  • The ePay System determines if all required fields have been entered and all business rule requirements (based upon the Payment Type) have been completed.
  • If all required fields have been completed the system assigns a Payment Request ID and the Submit option within the Routing and Approvals section will be available for selection.



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Submit the ePay Request

If all required fields have been completed the Submit to Approver option is available for selection.

  • Click the Submit to Approver link to forward the request through the Routing and Approval process.
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Multiple Payment Requests

Multi Payments Request Form

  • Requests can be created with Multi-Payees/Vendors.
  • Select Direct Payments and Multi-Payee/Vendor option.
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Multi Payments Request Form, Amount per Payee
  • The Multi Payment Request form is similar to the standard Direct Payment form.  However, users will need to indicate the Amount Per Payee.  The Total Amount is automatically calculated based upon the Amount Per Payee multipled by the Number of Payees
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 Multi Payments Request Form, Add Payees
  • Click the ADD link to enter Payees.  Please recall, each Payee must be part of the UCR Vendor Database.
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 Multi Payments Request Form, Multiple Payees
  • From the Multiple Vendor Search window, enter the name of the Payee.  Select the Payee from the search result listing.  Options to Save or Save and Close are available for selection.
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Business Entertainment Payment Requests

Business Meetings, Entertainment Payment Requests
  • From Create New Payment Request, select Business Meetings, Entertainment and Other Occasions option.  The request form is similar to the Standard Payment Request form.  Two additional sections are required:  Event Information and Event Host designation.
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Business Meetings, Entertainment Request, Event Info
  • The Business/Entertainment Request Form includes an Event tab.  Specify if the event is a Department or Campus Event.
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Add Event
  • If the Event is not found within ePay via the Search option, select the Add option.
  • Enter the required information regarding the event and click Save New Event.
  • Note!  Future Payment Requests may select this event, however, these requests may not be routed until the initial Payment Request with the event has been approved.
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Add Host 
  • For Business Meetings Entertainment Requests, a Host must be specified.  The Host must have a UCR NetID.
  • Enter the Name or NetID into the search screen.
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Save Event

  • Complete all required fields and select Save New Event.
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Business Meetings, Entertainment Request, Routing and Approvals
  • When all required fields have been completed, the Submit to Host link will be available for selection.
  • If Special Routing is required, a link to view the associated business rules will be available for selection.

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More Information 

General Campus Information

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