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Employee Profile System

Gaining Access

Employee Profile System Access & Roles

There are three different access levels for the Employee Profile System, corresponding to an employee's business role and/or role granted within EACS:


All employees automatically have access to the Employee Profile System, using their UCR NetID and password. Employee Access is limited to the employee's own profile.


In addition to access to their own profiles, supervisors have access in the EPS to the profiles for each of their direct reports. This access is established via the Enterprise Directory. Supervisor only have access to those employees for whom they are listed as a supervisor in the Enterprise Directory.


In addtion to the employee and supervisor roles, an additonal Administrator role is available for those employees who have a specific business need to access the profiles for all employees withing a given accountability structure. Administrator access is established by System Access Administrators (SAA) via the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). Access to an employee record is determined by the employee's home department. If an accountability structure authorized to a particular Administrator matches the home department of a given employee, that employee's record will be available to that Administrator. Administrators possess the following access within the EPS:

  • The ability to search for and access all profiles within a given accountabilty structure,
  • The ability to upload a picture into those profiles to which the Administrator has access.

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