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Employee Profile System


The Administrator role in the EPS is granted within EACS by departmental System Access Administrators (SAA). This role provides access to the employee profiles for all employees within a given accountability structure, based on a match with the employee's home department. This role is only appropriate for those UCR employees who have a business need for access to profile information for the employees within their respective business unit.  

Upon login to the EPS, the Administrator is taken to the EPS search screen. The search screen allows Administrators to search and locate employees based on the following parameters:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • NetID
  • Home Department
  • Title Code
  • Working Title

The results of searches will be listed in a grid below the search parameters.


The output columns in the Search Results can also be modified to output additional information in the results grid. The results grid can also be output to Excel for further processing or printing. The output columns available to the Administrator role include:

  • Net ID (default, cannot be removed)
  • Employee Name (default, cannot be removed)
  • Employee Home Department (default)
  • Employee Primary Title Code & Description (default)
  • Employee Working Title (default)
  • Supervisor Name
  • Supervisor Work Phone
  • Employee Emergency Contact Address
  • Employee Emergency Contact Phone
  • Employee Emergency Contact Name
  • Employee UCR Email
  • Employee UCR Phone
  • Employee Home Address 
  • Employee Home Phone Number

Clicking on the employee's name in the search results will open his/her individual profile. The profile consists of the following sections:


Work-Specific Information: This section includes information about the employee's position, work location, supervisor, vacation and sick accrual, and other related information.

For more information about the sources of the Work-Specific Information, please click here.


Education Information: This section contains information about the employee's education background and highest degree earned. This information is taken from the Personnel/Payroll System (PPS).

For more information about the sources of the Education Information and directions on modifying this information, please click here.


Emergency Contact Information: This section contains information about the employee's emergency contact information, including the contact's name, relationship to the employee, address & phone number.

For more information about the sources of the Emergency Notification Information and directions on modifying this information, please click here.


Appointment Summary: This section contains summary information about the employee's appointment information. Each appointment associated with the employee in the Personnel/Payroll System is listed in a table with begin and end dates, percentage time, etc.

For more information about the sources of the Appointment Information and directions on modifying this information, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: For users with only the Employee role, the term "Job Number" is used for the PPS term "Appointment", and the term "Pay Source" is used for the PPS term "Distribution". The standard PPS terms are presented for users with other roles.

Administrators have access to additional information about each employee within their authorized acccountability structures, available from the left hand menu:  
Authorized Applications: The Authorized Applications interface displays of all of the employee's roles within campus enterprise systems, established via the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). The Authorized Applications table lists the application name, role, Systems Access Administrator NetID, and Accountability Structure associated with each role assignment.
Authorized Apps
Appointment & Distribution Details: The Appointment & Distribution Details screen, accessible from links in the lower part of the left-hand menu, displays a variety of details regarding each Appointment held by the employee, and the Distributions associated with each Appointment. Each Appointment is listed separately within the left-hand menu, click on an individual Appointment to view its details. Within the Appointment Details screen, each Distribution is listed. Clicking on the button for that Distribution within the Appointment Details screen will display the details. Appointment Details

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