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Employee Profile System

Data Sources

The Employee Profile System (EPS) includes data from a variety of UCR's enterprise systems and repositories, including the Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW), the Enterprise Directory, The Enteprise Access Control System (EACS) and the Emergency Notification System (ENS). The page below lists the various data elements within the EPS by their location in the interface, and provides information on how to update any erroneous information in any of the data sources used by the EPS. Please click on the links immediately below to navigate through the page:

Data Elements & Sources

Work-Specific Information:

This section contains information from the HRDW as well as the Enterprise Directory. The data elements and their sources are:

  • Working Title: Enteprise Directory
  • Organization: HRDW
  • Primary Title Code & Description: HRDW
  • Department: Enteprise Directory
  • UCR E-mail: Enteprise Directory
  • Home Address: HRDW
  • Home Phone: HRDW
  • Supervisor: Enteprise Directory
  • UCR Phone: Enteprise Directory
  • Supervisor Phone: Enteprise Directory
  • Building & Room: Enteprise Directory
  • Vacation Accrual Balance: HRDW
  • Sick Leave Accrual Balance: HRDW
  • Most Recent Hire Date: HRDW
  • Original Hire Date: HRDW
  • UC Service: HRDW (Calculated)

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Education Information:

This section contains information taken exclusively from HRDW. The data elements include:

  • Degree/Certification: HRDW
  • Date Conferred: HRDW

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Emergency Contact Information:

This section contains information from the ENS, including the following fields:

  • Name: ENS
  • Address: ENS
  • Relationship: ENS
  • Phone Number: ENS

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Appointment Summary & Detail Information:

This section contains information from the HRDW, including the following fields (PLEASE NOTE: For those with only the Employee role, the term "Appointment" is replaced with "Job Number" and the term "Distribution" is replaced with "Pay Source". Certain other terms are also changed for this role, to make them more accessible):

  • Appointment Summary:
    • Appointment Number: HRDW
    • Title Code: HRDW
    • Title Code Description: HRDW
    • Appt. Department: HRDW
    • Appt. Begin Date: HRDW
    • Appt: End Date: HRDW
    • %FTE: HRDW
    • Time in Appts (months): HRDW
  • Appointment & Distribution Detail:
    • Appointment Title Code & Description: HRDW
    • Appointment Title Code & Description: HRDW
    • Appointment Type Code & Description: HRDW
    • Title Unit Code & Description: HRDW
    • Appointment Begin Date: HRDW
    • Appointment Department: HRDW
    • Appointment End Date: HRDW
    • % FTE: HRDW
    • Salary Grade Code & Description: HRDW
    • Rate Code & Description: HRDW
    • Pay Rate: HRDW
    • Personnel Pgm. Code & Description: HRDW
    • Distribution Number: HRDW
    • Distribution Department Code & Description: HRDW
    • DOS Code & Description: HRDW
    • Distribution Begin Date: HRDW
    • Distribution End Date: HRDW
    • Salary Step: HRDW
    • Distribution Pay Rate: HRDW
    • Distribution Percent: HRDW
    • Account Number & Description: HRDW
    • Activity Code & Description: HRDW
    •  Fund Code & Description: HRDW
    • Function Code & Description: HRDW
    • Cost Center: HRDW

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Updating Data within Data Sources

The different sources of data utilized by the EPS have different required mechanisms for update, should any errors or incorrect information be found. 

HRDW Information:

HRDW information comes from the Personnel/Payroll System (PPS), and must be updated in this source by the departmental PPS Preparer. Please contact this individual for your department regarding any discrepancies in HRDW-based data. Please note that HRDW, which the EPS uses as its source, is updated nightly by PPS. This means that changes made in PPS will be reflected one business day later within the EPS.

Enterprise Directory Information:

The Enterprise Directory is maintained by departmental Enterprise Directory Administrators, and must be updated by these individuals. Click here for a list of Enterprise Directory Administrators by department.

EACS Information:

EACS roles and assignments are managed by campus System Access Administrators (SAAs), and must be updated by these individuals. Click here for a list of campus SAAs.

Emergency Notification System Information:

ENS information is the one EPS data source currently available for self-service by the employee. Click on the "Edit" link next to the Emergency Notification Information section header to login to the ENS and edit your information, or click here.

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