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Employee Profile System

Introduction & Background

The Employee Profile System (EPS) was developed as a result of the successful launch of the Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW). The HRDW is a system that provides powerful query features and useful pre-formatted reports based on the vast repository of data found in the Personnel/Payroll System (PPS). The HRDW has been very well received and is utilized in business units across UCR's campus. However, the HRDW is designed for use by data analysts and other human resources/payroll personnel, and is appropriate for these audiences only.

The EPS was born in an effort to expand the availability of access to this valuable information as well as other useful data contained in UCR systems and databases. The EPS provides a profile-based, intuitive interface for key elements of the data in PPS, as well as information from the Enterprise Directory, the Emergency Notification System and the Enterprise Access Control System. In the future, the information will expand to include other data & systems, such as the newly deployed UC Learning Center.

The EPS is appropriate for use by employees (who have access to their own profile), managers (who have access to profile information for their direct reports), and departmental or organizational staff who have a business need for this information for their business unit(s). For more information on accessing or using the EPS, please click on the appropriate links at left.

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