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Employee Profile System

Privacy & Confidentiality

Because of the extremely sensitive nature of personnel data, the Employee Profile System (EPS) employs a number of security measure to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of employees whose data exists within the system.

Security Measures

The EPS requires secure (https:) connections to all clients accessing the system, which prevents the possibility of data being intercepted in transmission.

In addition, Administrative access to the EPS is established and controlled by departmental System Access Administrators (SAAs), subject to the provisions of UCR's enterprise accountability initiative.

Security has also been implemented within the EPS itself. Employees have access to ony their individual employee profile. Supervisors additoinally have access to just those direct reports assigned to them within the Enterprise Directory. Finally, EPS Administrators have acccess to only the profiles of those employees whose home department is within the accountability structures that the Administrators are explicitly granted access to in EACS.

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