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eStorage File Storage & Sharing System

What is eStorage?

eStorage is a file storage and sharing system provided by Computing & Communications to departments and organizations at UCR. Each unit is granted shared space for its users to store documents, spreadsheets, graphics, publications, presentations, etc. Documents and files in eStorage can be securely shared within an organization, with a very flexible permissions system.

Benefits of eStorage

Storing and sharing documents in eStorage has many benefits:

  • Easy access – once a drive is mapped, two clicks take you to your eStorage space.
  • Directory structure – organize your files into folders and sub-folders just like on your desktop.
  • Collaboration – share files to others in your organization, allowing them to view and revise your files. You determine with whom to share your files, as well as the level of permissions.
  • Sharing large documents – Files that are too large to send via e-mail can be shared to others using eStorage

Please note: eStorage is not intended for backing up individual PCs. However, Computing & Communications is working toward offering a backup solution in the future and hopes to announce something soon!

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