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Privacy & Security

Access to eStorage

Only users designated by a department who have a valid UCR NetID and password may access an eStorage space. Exercise caution when setting file and folder permissions; note for example that it is not necessary to give users access at the OU-level if they will only need access to subfolders, and that it is not necessary to give read-write access if a user would only need to view, not edit, shared files.

Access to Files and Folders

Access to files and folders is controlled primarily by departmental administrative staff, i.e. by the CFAO, MSO, chair, or other senior administrative personnel. Although other users granted access by the departmental administrator may remove the administrator's permission to a file or folder, it will always be possible for the administrator to restore his or her access. This may have implications for storing sensitive information in eStorage, particularly research information to which administrative staff should not normally have access. Care should also be taken when uploading any sensitive information to ensure that access permissions are set appropriately.

Because eStorage is only granted at the departmental level, if an individual has a need for more private storage space, iShare may be a better option, as it offers many of the same features as eStorage (as well as convenient web-based access and expanded sharing capabilities).

File Backups and Recovery

Shares on eStorage are backed up via an hourly snapshot system. If you accidentally delete or modify a file, it is possible to restore a previous version, if the mistake was made within the thirty-day window for which snapshots would be available.

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