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Sharing with Students

How to give permissions to students

Only Windows machines can be used for administrators to give permissions. 

  1. Select the folder you want to share with others.
    Right click the folder and select "Properties".
  2. Select the "Security" tab at the top.
    Click "Edit"
  3. Click "Add..."
    Type in your credentials, with ads\NetID. 
  4. Click "Locations..." and change the location to
    Click "OK"
  5. Add a student's Net ID into the "Enter the object names..."
    After adding the student(s), click "Check Names"
    Then click "OK"
  6. Highlight the newly added student and select the appropriate permissions.
    Then click "Apply"

How students can access a shared drive

How to gain access on a MAC

  1. In Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server
  2. Server Address, type: smb://
  3. Connect as: Registered User
  4. Name: scslab\NetID and enter your password
  5. Select the volumes you want to mount by choosing the space name the administrator gave you.

How to gain access on Windows 

  1. Click the Start button
    Select the Run... menu item
    (If the Run.. command is not visible, see "Adding the 'Run' command to the Start Menu" below.)
  2. In the Run window, enter the address: \\
    Click OK
  3. A new window will open listing existing eStorage shares. Select the folder that you have been given access to. 
  4. Select "Connect using different credentials".
    Authenticate using scslab\NetID and password. 
    Check the "Remember my credentials" box if you want Windows to save your login.
    Click OK

More Information 

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