University of California, Riverside

RMail for Faculty

Gaining Access

Your Account

Your email account comes with two email addresses, also known as aliases. Email sent to any of these addresses will go to the same R'Mail account and can be accessed by the same login. 


If you are a new employee, you will receive a temporary password from your department that you can update at

Logging into R'Mail

Log into R'Mail at using your UCR Net ID and password. Do not log in at the Google Gmail website.

First Login

The first time that you log in to R'Mail you will be taken to the R'Mail setup page.  The setup page will display your email address and require you to agree to the Google Terms of Service.

Logging out of R'Mail

R'Mail uses the CAS single sign-on for authentication. In order to completely log out of R'Mail and other UCR services, you should close all open browser windows and quit your web browser.

Changing Your E-Mail Password

You can change both your NetID password for web-based access, and your Google Mail password for POP/IMAP access, at  Changing your Google password will not affect all other services you log into with your UCR NetID (e.g. R'Space, EACS, etc.). However, you must make sure that you are selecting the correct password option.

Account Quota

The R'Mail quota is unlimited.

Account Expiration

Your e-mail account is active so long as you are currently an active status employee. The account will stay active, for life, when part of the Retiree Association. 

More Information 

General Campus Information

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Department Information

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