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Google App Sync

Google provides Google App Sync with iPhone to easily sync with your iOS device. You can use the instructions on Google for Google Application synchronization with iPhone to set up your R'Mail account, sync your calendar, and other Google Apps. 

IMAP or POP Set Up for iOS

Alternatively, the following are generic instructions for setting up your R'Mail account on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Enable IMAP access in R'Mail account

First, enable IMAP in R'Mail

  1. Click the Gears icon
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  4. Select Enable IMAP
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Set your Google Password (Your Google Password will be your password only for POP/IMAP access to your account.  You will continue to use your UCR password for web access.)

Enable IMAP access in R'Mail

Enable IMAP access in R'Mail

For IMAP/POP access you should also turn on "Allow less secure apps" in your R'Mail account settings:

  • In your R'Mail account, under your account initial or image, click My Account.
  • Click "Sign-in & security" and scroll to the section for "Connected apps and sites"
  • Flip the toggle for "Allow less secure apps" so that it is in the On position.
 Less Secure Apps Toggle On

Set your R'Mail (Google) Password

Please see the instructions on how to set your R'Mail Google Password. This must be completed before setting up you device.

Add Mail, Contacts, Calendar Account in iOS
1. Open the Settings app. iPhone settings
2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars iPhone mail, contacts, calendar
3. Tap Add Account iPhone add account
4. Tap Google iPhone Google
5. Enter your email.
  • Email:
  • Click "Next"

5.b. You will then be directed to a CAS screen, enter your UCR credentials and "Login Now".

 iPhone sign in

CAS screen

6. Under the account heading you can choose which services you'd like to sync: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, or Notes by moving the corresponding slider to the right.  iPhone account settings

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