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RMail for Faculty

R'Mail Pre-migration Preparations

What will be migrated? 

What happens to my existing mail, contacts, calendars, permissions, resources, filters, & folders?

These services will be migrated:These services will need to recreated by the user:
  • Email
  • Primary Calendar (only)
  • Contacts
  • Folders (to be known as "Labels" once migrated), including the hierarchical structure
  • Resources
  • Sub Calendars
  • Calendar permissions
  • Email Filters
  • Tasks

* Attachments with a size larger than 25MB will not be migrated.

Step 1. Review and Print the ‘R'Mail Post-Migration Steps’ Document

Take a few moments to review our R'Mail Post-Migration Steps. We recommend you print it out so you have it on hand once your migration is complete.

Step 2. Review Deleted Items, Junk Mail, and Attachments

Review your deleted items and junk mail folders. If you use these folders, move emails you need to keep out of these folders. Deleted items and junk mail will not be migrated. 

Any attachments with a total size larger than 25MB, that you want to keep, will need to be downloaded prior to migration. You will not have access to these on the mail server after migration. These can be uploaded to Drive post migration. 

Step 3. Save your Rules/Filters

Inbox rules will not be transferred through migration. To export rules from Exchange, please see the Microsoft Support website. There is no easy way to import your rules to Google after migration. It is best to look at your rules and recreate them one by one.

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