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Calendar Resource Creation

A resource is a room or item that can be scheduled or checked out by authorized people within a department via the R'Mail Calendar. Departments need to request the creation of resources. Once the resource has been created, assigned delegates maintain the resource. To request creation of a resource contact You will need the following information: 

  • Enter the requesting department, name of the resource, note that it is for a department using Google, the designate(s) and a list of users with their NetID's,  (or a Department OU) who will be authorized to schedule the resource.

Department Email Accounts

A department email account is a specific address with one person designated as the owner and responsible party. The purpose of this type of account can include the following: 1) Calendaring ( or, 2) Organizational communication, and 3) other specific department needs. These account passwords should not be shared. 

To request a departmental R'Mail account, please follow the Procedures for Requesting a Department Email Account and on the form please be sure to choose 'R'Mail' for 2nd account email.

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