University of California, Riverside

Faculty Profile System

Gaining Access

Requesting a Faculty Profiles Site

Departments Chairs, CFAOs, MSOs, or other senior administrative staff may request a Faculty Profiles site for their organizational unit by sending an email to with the following information.

  • Department Information
    Department, Center, or Organization:
    Website Address: 
  • Administrator Contact Information
    UCR Net ID:

Accessing Your Facutly Profiles Site

Each unit's site administrator(s), i.e. the individual who requested the site and was granted access by Computing & Communications, must request access for any additional editors (e.g. other departmental administrators or faculty members) by emailing the request to

Please include the following information for each person to be granted access:

  • Name
  • UCR NetIDs
  • Organization name
  • Any restrictions: 
    • Whether the individual should be able to edit all department profiles or only particular profiles (please list)
    • Whether he or she should be able to create profiles for additional faculty members

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