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Frequently Asked Questions


  • My department does not have a CMS site, can I still use FPS?
    • Yes! FPS provides a place to maintain faculty profiles whether a department website exists in the CMS or not. The only aspect that will not be available to a site outside the CMS is the departmental listing embed. That does not mean you could not use direct links just as departments have done with the Faculty Directory.
  • What are the differences between FPS and adding a multi-edit template?
    • FPS is its own entity, a separate website that uses the Content Management System. Each profile is a new page and is filled out like a form, with a multi-edit template. When profiles are added to departments, it propagates the directory listing automatically, which can then be embedded into a department site (but not edited there). A multi-edit template, that is designed specifically for faculty, can be added directly to the templates listing in a CMS departmental site. When creating a new page, simply choose the multi-edit template and fill it out much like a form. This page is part of the department site, not separate.
    • Simply stated, both use a multi-edit template, only each a little different, however the FPS gives you a separate storage space for the profiles.


  • Why isn't the faculty member I just added showing up on my list of faculty?
    • Whenever you add or make certain updates to a faculty member profile, you must re-publish your faculty listing for those changes to be live on the web
  • Why isn't my faculty member's avatar showing up?
    • Faculty avatars must have filenames that conform for lastname.jpg, e.g. for Professor Smith, the avatar must be named smith.jpg

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