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Faculty Profile System

Transitioning and Options

Transitioning off Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory is no longer supported and the system will be taken off line in the future (date to be determined). For departments who use only the faculty directory to link profiles, it may be beneficial to copy the material to the Faculty Profile System, as the new place to direct visitors. 

Option 1: Faculty Profile System

The faculty profile system is a tool to maintain faculty members of a department in one place. As individual profiles are added, a departmental listing is automatically generated and updated. This departmental listing can then be embedded to CMS sites. If a department uses a non CMS site, FPS can still be used, only without the embed.

The process
  1. Senior administrator staff requests a Faculty Profiles Site for the department
  2. Once the department has been created, appointed editors add faculty profiles and add/edit content
  3. (Optional) Later, faculty members who want to have control of their department profile can be given restricted access with approval
  4. Department maintains their departmental listing
  5. If department has their own CMS site, the departmental listing can be embedded into the CMS site (to look as if it is part of the original department). The embed is done by C&C and must be requested through
    If department does not have their own CMS site, or choose not to use the embed, links can be added directly to faculty profile listing.

Option 2: Multi-edit Templates

This option is only available to departments who have CMS sites. Instead of using FPS, which is basically another website, a multi-edit template can be added directly to the template options when creating new CMS pages. This multi-edit template will give similar options to an FPS profile. In fact, the main two differences are 1. It is part of your department's site 2. It does not offer the departmental listing automatically, a page will need to be added to the site and manually created for a full listing.

See Cell Biology and Neuroscience Faculty page for an example. The table was created manually and the pages were created using the added multi-edit template for faculty members.

  • Profiles are edited in the same way as FPS, through fields and areas for "research", "publications", "biography" and general information including office hours.
  • Faculty members can be restricted to edit just their page
  • Already part of your CMS department website

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