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Faculty Profile System

Using the Faculty Profile System

Creating Faculty Profiles

Each faculty profile is created by the department administrator or his or her designees. For instructions, please see "Tasks for Administrators."

Editing and Publising Faculty Profiles

Once a profile has been created by the department administrator, it can be edited by the administrator or other staff or faculty as requested by that administrator. For instructions, please see "Tasks for Profile Editors."

Embedding a Faculty List in Your Site

Computing & Communications can embed your list of faculty members, including links to their individual profiles, within any site maintained in the campus Content Management System. Simply email to let us know what existing page to embed the faculty list on, or ask us to create a new page for you and let us know where within your site's navigation (menu.txt) it should appear. All published changes to your faculty list will automatically be propagated to your department's website, thought there may be some delay due to caching.

How It Will Look:

Department Listing                             Faculty Member

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