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Gift Transmittal

Using the Program - Department

Department Gift Administrator

  • Step 1.

    As the Gift Administrator, log into the VCUA Online Gift Acceptance Form through
    Dept Gift Admin View
  • Step 2.

    Select “Create a New Gift”
    Dept Gift Admin View
  • Step 3.

    Select a gift category.
    • The Regents is the name of a Corporation established under the laws of the State of California and charged under the Constitution of the State with administering the University as a public trust.
    • The Foundation fund represents gifts made specifically for UCRiverside.

    If the gift is a Regents gift, select the appropriate gift type. If the fund is a Foundation gift, select whether the fund is a standard or express. The standard option allows the user to enter one gift at a time to the file. The express option allows the user to enter multiple gifts to the file.
    Dept Gift New Gift
  • Step 4.

    Once the gift type is selected, the Gift Administrator can enter in all pertinent details to the gift file. Please note that all required fields are marked in red italics.
    Dept Gift Admin Edit

Departmental Approver

  • Step 5.

    After filling out all the required information, the Gift Administrator will route the gift file to the Departmental Approver who will be notified via e-mail. The Departmental Approver may approve the request or return it to the Gift Administrator for further processing.
    Dept Approver

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