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  • About Grad SIS

    Applicant 1

    Grad SIS is a web-based system that allows all UCR colleges and departments to accept graduate student applications electronically. Grad SIS is designed to allow potential graduate students to electronically submit all the information required to the UCR graduate program to which they are applying, including: scholastic information, letters of recommendation, GRE test scores and interaction with UCR faculty. All of this information is stored under a single user account. The system divides the application into sections, and  saves each section as it is completed. Applicants can complete the entire application at one sitting, or stop at any point and complete the remaining sections at another time. Once an application is submitted, the candidate is able to log into the system and confirm the status of individual portions of his or her application as it is being reviewed by UCR staff.

  • Required Application Input

    Applicant App

    Certain information is required of all applicants. Grad SIS is divided up into several discrete sections, and at various stages throughout the Grad SIS process, specific fields and sections of information are required before advancing to the next section. The specific fields in each section that are required are marked in red. If the applicant forgets to complete the required information when they submit the section, he/she will be prompted to go back and complete it.

    The following sections must be completed in order for the application to be submitted:

    • General information
    • Biographical Information
    • Scholastic Information
    • References
    • Additional Information
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Application Fee

    Additionally, International students are required to complete the Confidential Financial Statement section.

  • Optional Application Input

    Applicant 3

    Certain fields and sections of the application are considered "optional" information. Optional fields on each of the application sections are denoted by light blue text. If these fields are left blank, the application will still allow the applicant to proceed to the next section. In addition, the following sections are considered optional:

    • Test Scores
    • UCR Faculty Contacts
    • Supplementary Fellowship Information

    Applicants are highly encouraged to complete as many of the above listed sections as they can, since these sections may contain information that will aid in the applicant's consideration for admission. Applicants are especially encouraged to complete the Supplementary Fellowship information, which makes them eligible for consideration for merit-based diversity fellowships.

  • Supplementary Fellowship and Confidential Financial Statement

    Applicant 4

    If an applicant indicates that he/she is a US citizen or permanent resident, then he/she has the option of completing the Supplementary Fellowship Information section, which contains an application for merit-based diversity fellowships. If an applicant indicates that he/she is an international student, then he/she is not given the option of completing the Supplementary Fellowship Information section, but instead is required to complete the Confidential Financial Statement.

    The Supplementary Fellowship Information screen requires information about the applicant's educational and work history, family circumstances, long-term goals and any impediments to the applicant's advancement to graduate school. All of these factors are considered in determining the eligibility of accepted applicants for the merit-based diversity fellowship.

    While the Supplementary Fellowship application is optional, domestic applicants are highly encouraged to complete and submit this section with their application. Applicants who do not complete the fellowship application exclude themselves from consideration for these substantial sources of funding.

  • Application Fees

    Applicant 5

    The application processing fee ($80.00 (USD) for domestic applicants, $100.00 (USD) for international applicants) can be paid by credit card. When the applicant pays by credit card, the system will prompt the applicant for payment before he/she submits the application. Applications are not reviewed or considered unless the application fee requirement is satisfied.

    When the applicant pays by credit card, he/she must read the Application Disclaimer and click on the check box indicating he/she has read this document.

    PLEASE NOTE: The application processing fee is not refundable for any reason. All submitted records are not returnable.

  • Feedback Options

    Applicant 6

    Once the applicant has submitted an application through GradSIS, it is recommended that he/she log in regularly and check the application's status online. By logging in and navigating to the Application Status section, the applicant can see a chart that shows which documents have or have not been received. This chart is updated in real-time, as the different portions of the application are electronically processed by UCR staff.

    At the bottom of the screen the applicant can monitor the status date as his/her application moves through the three stages in the review process. A date will appear next to the portion of the review process where the application currently resides:

    • Application is currently in graduate program for review
    • Application has been forwarded to the Graduate Division for final review
    • Graduate Division review complete.
  • Admission Offer

    Applicant 7

    Once an application has been reviewed and the applicant has been accepted for graduate study, an email will be sent to the account specified by the applicant during the application process. This email contains a hyperlink allowing the applicant to login to his/her account and accept or decline the offer. Before any decision is made, the applicant must access and review the official documents mentioned in the email.

    The documents referred to in the email are as follows:

    • Letter from the Dean - A congratulatory letter from the Dean.
    • Financial Offer - A concise representation of your entire financial aid offer. (Only applicable to applicants who are accepted with financial support)
    • Council of Graduate Schools - An agreement between graduate schools detailing a contract between student and school and specifying deadlines for the student and school.
    • Rules/Regulations - A list of rules specific to the program.

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