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Departamental Maintenance Tasks

Graduate Staff Responsibilities

Preparing Grad SIS to Accept Applications

  • Program Information

    Dept Admin 1

    The Graduate Staff provides program information such as, mailing address for the department, URL of the program, required application materials and other information. The default number of quarters to advance to candidacy must be set as it is used by the Financial Support System. The data inputted here is produced on various web pages, emails and forms.

  • Program/Degree Information

    Dept Admin 2

    The General section prompts for various blocks of text that are used on various web pages, emails and forms. Some of the information is pulled from the Graduate Division’s entry if the field is left blank

  • Program/Degree Area of Specialization

    Dept Admin 3

    Define Areas of Specialization and associate them to Program/Degrees. These Areas of Specialization will be presented to applicants who apply to the Program/Degree they are associated to.

  • Preliminary Application Emails

    Dept Admin 4

    Create a list of who within the department should receive the email notifications of a submission of a Preliminary Application. The emails may be set to be received in digest or as they are submitted.

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