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Grad SIS E-mails

    Grad SIS is completely e-mail enabled and makes extensive use of e-mail for user accounts and communication with applicants and referees. You should be aware of the following of the ways Grad SIS uses e-mail:
  • Applicant Identity- Applicant identities are tied to an e-mail address that must be unique to that user (ex. ""). This e-mail address will be used by the applicant whenever he/she logs into the system.
  • Alternate E-mail- Applicants may choose a different e-mail address for communication in Grad SIS. This alternate address can be specified when the applicant initially created his/her identity in the system.
  • Letters of Recommendation- When an applicant specifies an e-mail address for an individual writing a letter of recommendation, Grad SIS sends an e-mail to the e-mail address specified.
    • Within the e-mail sent to the recommender is a hyperlink enabling the recommender to complete his/her recommendation online, or alternatively to print out a form which can be submitted by regular mail.
    • If the recommender chooses to complete the letter of recommendation online within Grad SIS, the letter is automatically associated with the application, and appears as an attachment within the Letters of Recommendation screen withing Grad SIS.
  • Admission Notification- The default method of notification with applicants within Grad SIS is e-mail. Notification of admission decisisions are sent initially by e-mail. Within the notification e-mail are hyperlinks giving the applicant access to respond to the admission decision, as well as to read the relevant documents associated with admission (letter from the dean, Council of Graduate Schools information, etc.)

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