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Application Overview  
  • About the Faculty at Large

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    The Faculty At Large Grad SIS account was designed to allow faculty members to review graduate applications at any stage in the departmental review process without disrupting the application process itself. The Faculty at Large user is not a required component of the application review process, and may be used at the department’s discretion. Faculty members with a Faculty At Large account may only view applications in Read-Only mode and cannot leave comments or make changes to an application.

  • Reviewing an Application

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    Once logged into the Grad SIS website, Faculty at Large may either view a list of all applications they have access to by clicking on the “Applications- Faculty at Large” link or they may do an application search by clicking on the “Search” link. Once they select an application to review and click on the application id number, they will be taken to the Faculty’s Application Review page for that application. The Faculty Application Review page is divided into three sections: Application Overview, Evaluate Application, and Faculty at Large tasks.

  • Application Overview

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    The application overview section is located at the top of the Official Application Review page, under Applicant Information. It displays the department and program the applicant is applying to, the term that they are applying for, as well as the application fee. The Faculty at Large user also has the option to view the Original Self Reported application in two different ways. The first is in a printer-friendly PDF form view, and the second is in a detailed web view, which displays the application in the same format applicant completed it. Underneath the Original Self Reported Views, there is also a link to “View Applicant’s Status Screen” , which will allow the Faculty at Large user to view the same screen the applicant sees when he/she logs in to Grad SIS to check the status of his/her application.

  • Evaluate an Application

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    Faculty at Large Users are limited to only viewing applications in read-only mode. Unlike viewing the Original Self Reported application under the Application Overview sub-heading, the application information under the Evaluate Application subheading may contain revisions and comments from other user groups (eg. Graduate Staff, Graduate Advisor, Admissions Committee etc.) involved in the application process. To view a portion of the application, the faculty member simply clicks on the name of the section he/she wishes to see. In addition to the application, Faculty at Large may also view digital documents that have been attached to the application as well as comments from other Grad SIS administrative users such as from the Admissions Committee and the Graduate Advisor.

  • Faculty at Large Tasks

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    Faculty At Large may also view correspondence between other Grad SIS administrative users and the applicant at the bottom of the page underneath the Faculty at Large subheading. To view a piece of correspondence, simply click on the title of the letter or document you wish to see.

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