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Q. What is a UCR NetID and why do I need one?

A. New career employees are routinely assigned a UCR NetID by their department Enterprise Directory Administrator when they are hired. A list of Enterprise Administrators can be found here. Employee UCR NetID's can be found using the web-based employee search at Employee Search.

Without a UCR NetID, staff and faculty cannot access Grad SIS

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Q. What is the UCR Enterprise Directory and how does it relate to Grad SIS?

A.Grad SIS authenticates UCR NetID's against UCR’s Enterprise Directory, which is a database maintained by the campus Enterprise Directory Administrator.

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Q. What is the Enterprise Access Control System and how does it relate to the Student Academic Advising System?

A. The Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) is the online management tool used by Systems Access Administrators (SAA's) to grant access to the campus’ various online systems. After authenticating a user’s UCR NetID, Grad SIS checks EACS to confirm appropriate user privileges. For more information on the Enterprise Access Control System, please visit the following site:

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Q. What must I do to move an application out of the department?

A.The overall task of Graduate Staff is to process the application and forward it to the Graduate Advisor or Admissions Committee, depending on departmental practice. Processing the application involves five general tasks for each application section:

  1. Review the information in each section of the application, verifying it against appropriate documents if possible.
  2. Make any changes as necessary. For example, if the applicant entered a GPA for her undergraduate institution of 3.7, but her transcripts show her undergraduate GPA as 3.8, this should be amended within the application. The original information entered by the applicant will always remain available for review.
  3. Mark each sub-section complete. For example, each test score must be marked complete when verified, and each letter of recommendation must be marked complete when received. Marking each sub-section complete shows the applicant on the Applicant Status Page that this portion of his/her application has been received/processed.
  4. Mark Program Review Complete. This indicates to Grad SIS that the review of this section has been completed, and runs any validation on that section (ie., checking to see if transcripts have been marked "Official").
  5. Click "Save and Continue". This saves any changes, and returns the Graduate Staff to the main application review screen.

Please note that the Graduate Staff must complete the review of all the application sections, and then may forward the application on to the appropriate party, or may create an admissions recommendation and/or financial offer, depending on departmental practice.

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Q. If an applicant pays the admissions fee by check, what must happen for the application to be move to the Graduate Division?

A. Once the Graduate Division receives the check, they are able to go to Open Applications, selected the applicant, select the Application fee, check the  'Graduate Division Review Complete' box and the 'Other Received Check or Money Order' box.

Q. What are the Graduate Advisor's principal tasks?

A. Depending on department practice the Graduate Advisor will either review the application in it's entirety or just focus on the tasks provided. THe Graduate Advisor will need to review the Admission Recommendation, the Financial Support Screen and View the Academic Evaluation Form before passing the file forward to the Graduate Division. For more information on the Graduate Advisor tasks please click here.

Q. Is the Faculty at Large a required role?

A.The Faculty at Large is not a required component as the application review process, and may be used at the department's discretion.

Q. What are the Faculty at Large's principal tasks?


Q. Is the Admissions Committee a required role?


Q. What are the Admissions Committee's principal tasks?


Q. What are the Graduate Division Staff's principal tasks?


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