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Grad SIS Roles

Grad SIS possesses six principal roles used in the creation and processing of applications. They are as follows:

  • Applicant: The applicant has the ability to create the initial application, filling out all the necessary areas. Once the applicant has completed the application they submit it and it will be sent to the Graduate Staff.
  • Graduate Staff: The Graduate Staff processes the application for the individual department, reviewing and confirming the application information and scanning and associating relevant paper documents with the application. Depending on departmental policy, the Graduate Staff has the ability to make an initial admission recommendation, and/or to create a financial offer for applicant.
  • Admissions Committee (optional): The Admissions Committee members are required to comment on all files routed to them. The Admissions Committee is an optional role in Grad SIS and may be used/not used according to departmental policies.
  • Faculty at Large (optional): Faculty at Large have no required tasks within Grad SIS, but can comment on any correspondence or interaction with applicants, for those applications that are within the department (have not been passed to Grad Division). Faculty at Large is an optional role in Grad SIS and may be used/not used according to departmental policies.
  • Graduate Advisor: The Graduate Advisor is responsible for making or reviewing the deparmental admission recommendation, and for making or reviewing the financial offer to the applicant. The Graduate Advisor routes files of those recommended for admission to Graduate Division
  • Graduate Division Staff: The Graduate Division Staff processes files forwarded from individual departments. The Graduate Division Staff reviews the application information and financial offer (when applicable), makes an admission determination, and offers admission to the appropriate applicants.

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