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Grad SIS Routing

  • Application Creation
    Applications are initially created by applicants. Each application to a program is a separate record. For example, if an applicant applies to graduate programs in both Chemistry and Physics, each application will be a separate record with a separate application ID.
    • File Processing- The graduate staff member reviews and verifies the information in each of the application sections. He/she also attaches any relevant documentation (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.).
    • Admission Recommendation- The graduate staff may optionally (depending on departmental practices) make an initial admission recommendation for the applicant.
    • Financial Offer-The graduate staff may optionally (depending on department practices) create an initial financial offer for the applicant.
  • Application Submission & Monitoring
    Once the applicant submits the application, he/she can monitor its progress in real-time as it passes through the steps below in the department and the Graduate Division.
  • Application Receipt at Department
    Once the application has been submitted by the applicant, it passes into the queue of the appropriate graduate staff for the department.
  • Grad Staff Tasks
    The graduate staff can forward the application to the Graduate Advisor, or to the Admissions Committee, depending on departmental practice. To forward the application to the graduate Advisor, the graduate staff normally perform the following tasks:
    • Faculty at Large- While the file is within the department, it may optionally be commented on by Faculty at Large. This ability is not available once the file has been passed to the Graduate Division.
  • Admissions Committee Tasks
    If the file is forwarded to the Admissions Committee, it must be commented on by each Admissions Committee member. Once these comments have been made, the file can be passed to the Graduate Advisor.
  • Graduate Advisor Tasks
    The Graduate Advisor makes or confirms the recommendation for or against admission, and if applicable, creates a financial offer for the applicant. The Graduate Advisor passes those applicants for whom admission is recommended on to the Graduate Division.
  • Extending Admission Offer
    If the applicant is recommended for admission, the financial offer is reviewed and if necessary modified, and then the Graduate Division staff extends the offer of admission to the applicant.
    • Applicant Response- The successful applicant receives the offer of admission in his/her e-mail and responds electronically.

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