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Grad SIS and Letters of Recommendation

  • References

    Recommend 1

    The Applicant will be prompted to enter at least three references, each requiring an email address. Once the Applicant submits a completed application, each Reference will be notified by email that the Applicant has requested a letter of recommendation from him or her, and is directed to click on a link that will direct him or her to the Online Reference System.

  • The page will display the Applicant’s name, proposed program, proposed degree objective and the term to which he or she is applying. The Reference will be presented with three options to submit a letter of recommendation:

    • Upload a document (Word or PDF)
    • Enter the letter of recommendation online (A text area field will be displayed)
    • Recommend 2Send via traditional mail (Print PDF Form and mail in)

  • Uploading a Word or PDF document

    Recommend 3

    Click the Upload radio button and a field will be displayed, giving the option to upload a Word or PDF file. Click “Submit” to send the file. A thank you message will be displayed to notify you the file was received successfully.

  • Entering the Letter of Recommendation Online

    Recommend 4

    Click the “Enter Online” radio button and a text area will appear. Either copy/paste a document or enter the letter of recommendation in the text area box. Click “Submit” to transmit the letter. A thank you message will be displayed to notify you the letter was received successfully

  • Submit Letter of Reference by Traditional Mail

    Recommend 5

    Click the “Send via Traditional Mail” radio and a link will appear to generate a PDF of the recommendation form. Please make sure any and all pop-up blockers are turned off as clicking the link will spawn a pop-up window containing the PDF.

    Print out the PDF form, which contains the Applicant’s ID, proposed admission term, name and proposed program and degree objective. Please complete the form and attach your separate letter of recommendation to the form. Mail both the form and letter directly to the address that appears near the bottom of the form.

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