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Per Student Average Report

Per Student Average (PSA) Report for Graduate Fellowships

 This report collects fellowship financial data for admitted students in academic programs.  Potential students are admitted when offers have been sent to them.   It tracks offers that are outstanding, accepted (SIR is Yes), and declined (SIR is No). 

The main report:

The “Central Stipend, Fees and NRT Int. Totals” column includes Central Fellowship Stipend, Central Fellowship Fees, 1st Year NRT International, 2nd Year NRT International. 

The highlighted yellow lines are coded for SIR is Yes
The highlighted purple lines are coded for SIR is No
White or no color lines are for admitted, pending a response or outstanding offers
The highlighted blue line is coded for total admitted offers.

The calculated box on the lower left side of the report:

The Base Allocation box shows the target number of students set by the program, number of International NRT that was given, and the assigned $/student for either Masters or PhD.  

The Take Rate Budget box is set at two times (2X).  The programs may offer up to 2X their base allocation. 

The Admitted box shows the number of students being offered admissions (with and without fellowships).  Students falling in the admitted category have been been offered admission, but no response has been received yet.  The per student average is calculated by totaling the amount of Central Stipend, Fees, and NRT International divided by the total number of admitted students. 

Programs with both Masters and PhD allocations would have two lines, with one designated for each degree. 

For programs with PhD allocations only, any fellowship that is provided to a Master’s student would be counted as part of the PhD per student average.  The Master’s student with fellowship would not be counted in the calculation but the fellowship dollars associated with the Master’s student would be added to the totals divided by the total number of PhD students.  This practice would bring the per student average up since partial funding for PhD students was given to the Master’s student.  Programs that provide funding to Master’s students will see on their reports an asterisk (*) with a message “These numbers include dollars given to Master’s applicants”.   Keep in mind, this practice is not encouraged across disciplines but is on a case-by-case basis upon approval of the Dean of Graduate Division.  

The Accepted box shows the number of students with SIR Yes status and their corresponding per student average.  Programs are ultimately accountable for the final per student average based on their final SIR Yes (acceptances).

In the "Accepted box", the same practice in the Admitted section applies to programs offering fellowships to Master’s students with no given allocation to them.  Refer to the Admitted section for details. 

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