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Routing & Roles

Things To Think About

When beginning to use Grad SIS, it is important to take the following things into consideration. Grad SIS has various roles utilized in the processing of applications, each with a distinctive function. Grad SIS has the capability to compose complete financial offers to applicants who are offered admission, and it is important to become familiar with the specifics of creating a financial offer. Grad SIS is designed to be a paperless system More...

Grad SIS Routing

Applications are initially created by applicants. Each application to a program is a separate record. Once the applicant submits the application, he/she can monitor its progress in real-time. Once the application has been submitted by the applicant, it passes into the queue of the appropriate graduate staff for the department. The graduate staff can forward the application to the Graduate Advisor, or to the Admissions Committee, depending on departmental practice. To forward the application to the Graduate Advisor, the graduate staff normally perform the following tasks More...

Grad SIS Roles

Grad SIS possesses six principal roles used in the creation and processing of applications. The applicant creates one or more applications, which are submitted to the relevant graduate program for processing. The Graduate Staff processes the application for the individual department, reviewing and confirming the application information. The Admissions Committee members are required to comment on all files routed to them. More...

Grad SIS Routing, Roles, and the EACS

Grad SIS routing and roles are enabled through the EACS, UCR's Enterprise Access Control System. EACS is part of UCR's enterprise-wide accountability structure. System Access Administrators distributed throughout the campus enterprise are responsible for access to UCR's enterprise web-based applications. Please make note of the following information regarding EACS and Grad SIS. More...

Financial Offer Business Rules

Grad SIS enables a comprehensive set of business rules pertaining to financial offers. Validation of financial offers against these business rules are mandatory for all financial offers, though offers in violation of financial business rules may still be passed to the Graduate Division. Grad SIS automates the validation of financial offers within the Financial Support screen. More...

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