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Using the Program

Grad SIS is designed to allow for the electronic application to UCR's various graduate programs, and for the electronic processing of these applications. The instructions on using Grad SIS are organized by the different roles within the system. Please select the role you wish to learn about from the list below.

Important: Grad SIS uses multiple browser windows. You must disable your browser's pop-up blockers for this site in order to use the system properly.

  • For the Applicant
    Applicants must create a unique identity within Grad SIS in order to apply to UCR graduate programs. This identity is tied to the e-mail address indicated by the applicant as his/her point of contact. More...
  • For the Departmental Graduate Staff
    Graduate Staff receive the applications into their Grad SIS queue, and complete the initial application review. Graduate Staff may also make initial admission recommendations and financial offers, per department practice. More...
  • For the Faculty at Large
    Faculty at Large can comment upon correspondence with the applicant while the application is in the department. Faculty at Large have access to all applicant information, including any documents attached during the applicant review process. More...
  • For the Admissions Committee
    The Admissions Committee, if used, must make recommendations on applicant files. Each Admission Committee member has access to the notes and recommendations input by the other members of the Admissions Committee more...
  • For the Graduate Advisor
    The Graduate Advisor reviews the file, and makes/reviews the admission recommendation and financial offer. The Graduate Advisor is also the only role with the ability to forward the file on to the Graduate Division. More...
  • For the Graduate Division Staff
    The Graduate Division Staff conducts a review of the files passed to them from individual departments. They make a final admissions decision, review and modify the financial offer if necessary, and extend admission to successful applicants. More...
  • Per Student Average Report
    This report collects fellowship financial data for admitted students in academic programs. Potential students are admitted when offers have been sent to them.It tracks offers that are outstanding, accepted (SIR is Yes), and declined (SIR is No). More...
  • Technical Considerations
    Grad SIS makes extensive use of JavaScript. It is recommended that the user have the latest browser installed on the computer on which the Application for Graduate Studies is completed. More...
  • Online Training
    Computing & Communication is pleased to provide access to a comprehensive online training module for Grad SIS. This training, which mirrored the classroom training provided to all graduate programs prior to Grad SIS deployment, covers all aspects needed for a thorough introduction to the system. For information beyond that provided in the online training, please consult the various pages under the Using the Program section of this site, linked at left. More...
  • New Features
    Computing & Communications, under the direction of the Graduate Dean and the Grad SIS Steering Committee, is actively developing and deploying new features for Grad SIS. These features are aimed at making the system even more robust, flexible and useful for UCR graduate applicants as well as UCR staff and faculty involved in Graduate Admission. More...

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