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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for various Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact the Faculty & Staff Help Desk at X2-3555 for further assistance. 

Q. Who is eligible to create a guest wireless account?

A. UCR Faculty (ladder rank and emeriti) are eligible to use the self-service tool to create guest wireless accounts. In addition, two staff members per accountability structure also have the ability to create guest wireless accounts. C&C recommends that the two staff members be IT staff within your accountability structure. Staff are granted access to this tool by the SAA through EACS.

Q. What is the maximum number of concurrent guest wireless accounts that can be created?

A. The maximum number of accounts that can be created by a faculty member (or per netID) is 10. There is a limit of 100 for the staff transactor role, which allows staff within your ORG/Dept. to be able to set-up large group registrations (i.e. conferences).

Q. What information do you need to create a wireless guest account?


  1. Number of Accounts needed
  2. Guest Name(s)
  3. Expiration Time Frame [Choices: 1 day (minimum), 3 days, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days (maximum)]
  4. Account Purpose (why are the account(s) needed)
Q. I have a guest wireless account; what do I have access to?

A. A guest wireless account grants you access to UCR’s wireless network.

Q. My guest has left UCR. What must I do to inactivate the guest account?

A. Guest wireless accounts are automatically expired based upon the requested time frame at set-up. Thus, if you created a seven day guest account for a professor and he/she has now departed, the guest wireless account will expire automatically after seven days. If you need to inactivate a guest account sooner than the time frame specified, see How to Modify.

Q. I created a guest wireless account for a professor with a 3 day time frame; however, he/she is extending his/her stay for a couple of days. Do I need to create a new guest account or can I extend the current account's deadline?

A. Guest accounts are automatically expired based upon the submitted time frame. However, you can extend the time frame as long as the current guest account has not expired. Thus, if the professor decides to extend their stay during day 2, simply go into the tool and extend the deadline (see How to Modify). However, if the professor decides to extend their stay once their current account has expired (ex: after 3 days), you will need to set-up a new guest wireless account.

Q. I need to set-up 100 guest accounts for a conference that a faculty member in my department is hosting here at UCR, what do I do?

A. Have one of the two staff transactors, preferably IT staff, in your accountability structure that have been granted access to the self-service tool, establish the guest accounts. If the names of the guests are unknown at the time of set-up, an excel spreadsheet with the list of guest names and credentials must be returned to C&C at the conclusion of the conference.

Q. I am having issues creating a guest wireless account; who do I contact for help?

A. UCR's faculty and staff help desk ( X2-3555) can help you with any issues you may have. The help desk can also create guest wireless accounts for you.

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