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Fiscal Year & Accounting Period

Fiscal Year and Accounting Periods

When using pre-defined Reports

The Fiscal Year and Accounting Period (FY/AP) will default to the current period for pre-defined reports. The user must change the default FY/AP to retrieve data from a different period. 

Turnover and Separation reports provide data as a one-month snapshot or in a 12-month cumulative period.  The user selects the FY/AP in the same manner. 

  • A one-month snapshot returns results for the FY/AP chosen.
  • A 12-month cumulative returns results for the 12 months prior to and including the month chosen.
  • If the current month is chosen for the one month report, the separation data from the beginning of the month to the prior day will be returned.

When using the Query Builder

The Fiscal Year and Accounting Period (FY/AP) will default to the current period when using the Query Builder. In addition, when the current period is chosen, the default FY/AP returns results from the HRDW as of the prior day.

If the user changes the default FY/AP to a different period, the query will return results from the last day of the month of the fiscal year and period chosen.

Queries based on separation dates will disregard the default Fiscal Year and Accounting Period.

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